Long ago I was tired of the traditional tests which always take place at the end of a lesson to verify if things had been learned. To be a bit creative I created an engine which created crosswords out of a set of Questions and answers. It was an attept to do something creative. Now I know that this knowledge showed in these crosswords was usually plain knowhow. Without the analysis or synthesis capability. However – the generator is creative. it is a jar file and a couple of libraries. A crossword.xml file represents the knowledge base (questions and answers). The program runs as backtrace algorithm with a scoring model to minimize. If he finds a lower score he writes a solution and a crosswordHTML page. It goes without saying that the generated page is offline capable and the correct result can be checked offline but not derived from the source.

Below are a couple of simple crosswords generated by the program (in german) if anyone is intrested in the source or the program drop me a mail.